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SEAMEO e-Certificate

1SEAMEO e-Certificate is the website to provide the certifications for the SEAMEO programmes. Participants who joined SEAMEO programmes with certain passing criteria are eligible to get the e-Certificate.

Please check on the Distribution page to check yours.

eCertificates Overall Distributions in Southeast Asia

How It Works


Please check our website to find out up coming programme and register.


You will received the information to participate the choosen SEAMEO programme.

Get Certificate

If you are able to meet certain criteria, you will get the e-Certificate.

Verify your certificate

SEAMEO e-Certificate provide the certificate that can be verified its validity. To do that, you can check your e-Certificate by fill-in certificate number printed on your certificate.

QR Code Verification

SEAMEO e-Certificate also provided QR Code so that you can scan and verify your e-Certificate easily.